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Since 1988

Oriental Food Distributor

Providing the best & freshest foodstuffs throughout Europe



HERMAN KUIJPER BV has started as a family business in cultivation and sales of Asian vegetables. Since 1988 third generation Herman Kuijper, has been expanding the company into a modern distribution en trading organisation, specialised in all kinds of Asian foodstuffs. From fresh fruits and vegetables to rice, noodles, spices, sauces, already more than 3000 different products. Supplying most of Europe’s Asian wholesalers, supermarkets and shops, our wide range of Asian products and logistics efficiently combined with competitive prices makes Herman Kuijper BV in to a major market force. Our sales team will be pleased to inform you about all product- and price details.


Huidige openstaande vacatures.

Herman Kuijper BV is een internationale groothandel in Aziatische levensmiddelen.
Onze klanten bevinden zich in 32 landen zowel binnen als buiten Europa.
Vanwege onze sterke groei zijn wij op zoek naar iemand die ons team wilt komen versterken als Junior Transport planner.

Belangrijkste taken in deze functie:

  • Transport onderhandelen, inkopen en inplannen
  • Telefonisch contact met transporteurs, klanten en je collega’s
  • Pakbonnen nakijken en facturen afdrukken
  • Administratieve afhandeling van transporten

Wat verwachten wij van jou?

  • Interesse in de handel en logistiek
  • Stressbestendigheid, oplossingsgericht en secuur werk
  • Goede Nederlandse en Engelse spreekvaardigheid
  • Geen 9 tot 5 mentaliteit, Flexibiliteit en snel kunnen schakelen
  • Vaardig met computer en ervaring met Microsoft Office
  • Minimaal HAVO/MBO werk en denk niveau

Wij bieden jou:

  • Een afwisselende baan
  • Een prettige werkomgeving en een jong dynamisch team
  • Goed salaris
  • Kansen om door te groeien en de mogelijkheid tot vaste aanstelling

Kandidaten voor deze functie kunnen mailen of schrijven naar;
Herman Kuijper BV
Afdeling personeelszaken
Noordammerweg 91 b
1187 ZS Amstelveen
T. 020-6452988
E. vacature@hermankuijper.com

Have you always been that person: wanting to convince others?
That wants to know and understand different cultures and what moves people?
Be that person who is enthusiastic,creative, innovative and has a sense of humour anddo you have a lot of perseverance? 

But most important, do you want to know that YESS!! feeling when you enclose a good deal?

Then Herman Kuijper BV and our current open position:
‘International Sales Representative for Asian Goods’
is your chance to develop yourself further on a professional level.

What can we offer you?

  • A fulltime job at an ambitious, trustable and flexible organisation
  • A salary matching your function and responsibilities
  • After a trial period we can offer you KM (Kennismigrant)
  • Room to growth and to take initiative in a dynamic and competitive sales environment
  • Inspiring and helpful colleagues in a comfortable workingplace

What do we want in return?

  • An interest and natural curiosity in sales and negotiation
  • A person with a hands-on mentality, dedication and passion in his/her job
  • An advanced speaker of the Vietnamese Preferably someone with French linguistic skills

Herman Kuijper BV
FAO Human Resources
Noordammerweg 91 b
1187 ZS Amstelveen
T. 020-6452988
E. vacature@hermankuijper.com




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Ricebowls, plates, mugs, teapots, sushisets, etc..

01. Porcelain

Ricecookers, steamers, chopsticks, woks, spades, etc..

02. Kitchenware

Shrines, painted fans, joss paper, incense, statues, etc..

03. Decoration

Ricepaper, shinode-, longgrain-, glutinous- and jasminerice, etc..

04. Rice

Vermicelli, tapioca- and ricesticks, noodles, etc..

05. Noodles & Vermicelli

Bowls, cups, bags, and many flavors; chicken, beef, shrimp, seafood, tomyum, kimchi, etc..

06. Instant Noodles

Wheat-, corn-, rice-, cake- and dumplingflour, starches, etc..

07. Flour & Starch

Coconut -oil, -cream, -milk, etc..

08. Coconut

Currypastes, chutneys, seasoning mixes, seeds, souppowders, etc..

09. Seasoning & Pastes

Oyster- and soysauces, fishsauce, marinades, hoisin, sweet chili, dressing, etc..

10. Sauces

Sesameoil, vinegars, syrups, etc..

11. Oil & Vinegar

Bamboo, fruits, vegetables, chilies, pickles, in tins, jars, vacuum, etc..

12. Preserved & Canned

Beans, beancurd, seeds, seaweed, fungus, flowers, etc..

13. Dried

Fruits, vegetables, tofu, imported from all over the world, Europe, Asia, South America, etc..

15. Fruits & Vegetables

Tiger balm, panax, ginseng, ginkgo, Nin Jiom, etc..

16. Wellness

Pu Erh, jasmine, oolong, green, artichoke, ginger, bird’s nest tea, etc..

17. Tea

Coffee, juices, aloe vera, coconut, beer, sake, syrup, milktea, etc..

18. Drinks & Beverages


Mochi, mooncakes, cookies, crackers, seaweed, chocolat, wafers, etc..

19. Sweets & Snacks